The Hunter One-Name Study

I decided to start doing a one Name study after finding my paternal lineage was associated with the Lairds of Hunterston.

The current status of the study is to find the DNA connection to the common ancestor John Huntar, 14th Laird of Hunterston. There is a FamilyTreeDNA project for our surname Hunter and I feel very certain this will be found.

My main interests in the study is to build family construction for Hunters in Scotland, England and Wales, Ireland, Canada and Australia. Variants of this surname will also be researched. In the Surname Atlas there will be many variants to be studied.

Laird of Hunterston

Eleonora Hunter 24th Laird of Hunterston was born in 1764 and inherited the Estate in 1796. She married her first cousin Robert Caldwell. His mother was Margaret Hunter who married Robert Caldwell. Margaret was the daughter of the 22nd Laird of Hunterston Patrick Hunter.

Eleonora and Robert (who assumed the Hunter name) built Hunterston House in 1799. They had seven children one being Robert Caldwell 25th Laird of Hunterston.

My own Paternal Family Study

In The 1980s I first became interested in my father’s ancestors and started my research at the LDS library in Mesa, Arizona. Ever since then I have been collecting family history records for Hunters for the past forty+ years, and have numerous notebooks of Births, Marriages, Deaths, and now Obituaries, Wills, Heraldry and family trees.

My own paternal lineage goes back many generations because of three important reasons. First I had my grandparents all the way to a patriot of the Revolutionary War and proven documents to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), then after joining Clan Hunter and corresponding with Ron Bogart Clan Hunter Genealogist I was proven to be a granddaughter of the ancient Lairds of Hunterston. The third factor is thanks to the registering of my Hunter surname with the Guild of One-Name Studies in the United Kingdom.

This blog is about that study and I am writing a book about my Hunters I have collected for this project.

The Study of First Hunter Names

The study starts with a location, where certain first names are a constant repetition over and over again for generations. This is the reason in our Hunter surname you will find the first names John, James, Samuel, William, Robert and Hugh to name a few which makes our choices to be made very carefully for our own ancestors.

In my own lineage you will see how these names are repeated:

Narvard, John, James, Samuel, William, Robert, John, William, Hugh, Robert

Remember in researching the middle name might indicate the maiden name of the mother.