Earliest Mentions of the ancestors of hunters

The ancestors of the Hunters were Norsemen.

Guilielmus Venator (William The Hunter) was born in Venables in northern France.

Norman Venator (Norman I) is referred to in a Royal Charter of King Alexander III of Scotland dated 1271.

Venator (The Hunter) was named in charters of King Alexander II of Scotland.

John Deo Venator was a witness to a deed in the Glasgow Church records of 1233.

Hunter Obituaries

Every Tuesday I will be posting a Hunter Obituary.

Today will be a Bio from Find a Grave Memorial for a wife of Herman G. Hunter

Late of 207 Newman Street in St John. She was the daughter of George Saunders from Model Farm Kings County NB and Jane Dobbin of Ireland. The informant in her death was her husband Herman G. Hunter.

She was born the same place as her father–Model Farm, Kings County, New Brunswick.

Source: FindAGrave contributor Rich Miles


Every Tuesday I will post a new cemetery for our Hunter burials.

Today my first cemetery is:

Camden General Cemetery Camden, Camden Council, New South Wales, Australia.

Hunters buried:

Gordon Alfred Hunter (1912-1985)

Marjorie Sarah Glanville Hunter (1912-1992)

Elsie Helen Hunter (-1988)

Carol Yvonne Hunter-Hallinan (1937-2007)

Mona Hunter (d. 3 Apr 2016)

Matthew Charles Hunter (d. 24 May 2009)

Lorna Starr Hunter (1920-2007)

Roderick Leon Hunter (1929-2006)

Henry Charles Harry Hunter (d. 6 Nov 2009)

Joan Rose Hunter (1930-2011)

Lyndon Hunter (2008-2008)

Freda Maude Hunter (1914-2010)

John Dennis Hunter (1927-2015)

Paulette Hunter (1920-2008)

Dora Mary Hunter (1925-2010)

Rev Hubert W Hunter (1925-2010)

Lesley Jean Hunter (1939-2017)

Cyril James Hunter (d. 9 Apr 2003)

Lynus Hunter (d. 12 May 1999)

Dorreen May Hunter (1933-2004)

Hunters in new south wales

In the Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 we find Morrison James Hunter born July 1, 1945 and died December 8, 2007. He married Marianne Erika Hohl October 8, 1994 in New South Wales.

Also in the Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 listed is John Leslie Hunter born in 1946 and died in 2000. He married Leona Pearson January 6, 1967 in New South Wales.

Another Hunter listed in the Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 is Robert Winston Hunter born April 13, 1941 and died February 7, 2013. He was the son of Ernest John Hunter (1898-1989) and Olive Harriet Mayes (1899-1982).

U.S. and world atlases, 1822-1923

In Mitchells New General Atlas 1871 we find Hunter:

Hunter…..Greene, New York



Hunterps Cave…..Pennsylvania

Hunter’s Creek – Michigan

Hunter’s Depot – Kentucky

Hunter’s Land – New York

Hunter’s Lodge – Virginia

Hunter’s Mills – South Carolina

Hunterstown – Pennsylvania

Huntersville – Ohio

Huntersville – Pennsylvania

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