Anna Clapp(Clap, Klop), Carol’s German Grandmother


Schloss Klop

Anna Clapp (1757-1854) is another favorite ancestral grandmother I like to write about.  She married my DAR patriot, Adam Lugar.

Her family roots are Germany.  Their story is very well documented on their journey to America.  These place studies are as follows: Germany, Pennsylvania & North Carolina.

My ancestors from this lineage founded the Brick Church in Guilford County, North Carolina which is a historical church.  This family genealogy was my first family research and there were so many others already researching this family I had no problem finding primary documents, books, etc.

Elizabeth Cuningham, Carol’s Scottish Grandmother

As many of you know I am very into researching my Scottish ancestors.  This particular grandmother is no exception.  She married William Hunter c1710.  She was the daughter of Alexander and Mary Cuningham.  There were four children born to this couple and John their third son was my lineage.

William and Elizabeth emigrated from Scotland to Northern Ireland, but eventually came to America and resided in Augusta County, Virginia.

William’s parents were Dr. Hugh Hunter and Isabella Elizabeth Semple.EMMIGRANT SHIP

Frances Mortimer, Carol’s Ancestral English Grandmother

Mortimer COA

Frances Mortimer was born 1725 in Devon, England .  She married my Scottish ancestral grandfather, John Hunter in c1750. They had six children: Frances, Thomas, Martha, Henry, Robert (my 5xggf) and John Jr.

This particular study I have found many, many documents thanks to belonging to the Augusta County Genealogy Society.  His will is a challenge for me to read, but as a cousin of mine, William Hunter,  says take your time and it will come to you.  He is actually instructing me with learning the language for that time period.

I write often about one of his daughter’s Frances who married Captain Matthew Arbuckle.  The Arbuckle lineage is a very interesting military research.

These are my immigrant ancestors.

Mildred Lewis, Carol’s Ancestral Grandmother’s link to Meriwether Lewis


Being a travel agent since 1991 I plan a lot of our travels around our family history.  Ralph & I enjoy visiting museums, national parks, cemeteries and such, but especially when our ancestors are a big part of that history.  My lineage through my ancestral grandparents from Augusta and Giles counties in Virginia are a fine example.  Mildred Lewis married Robert Hunter and they had nine children.

This particular 5xggm leads my study to the surname LEWIS, WARNER, WASHINGTON and I feel this is why my DNA is 93% English roots more so than Scotland.

Following in the footsteps of one of my favorite grandmother studied is Mildred Lewis Hunter.  In 2012 Ralph & I started an adventure to see my brother and sister-in-law in Delaware and decided to stop by Warner Hall.  Augustine Warner (my ancestral grandfather built the plantation and nowadays instead of Warner Hall Plantation it is now called Warner Hall Inn).  I had permission granted to visit the historical graveyard of Warner Hall and treasure my photos to this day.

A story I love of my cousin, President George Washington, waltzing at Warner Hall.

When you start your genealogy path and become addicted, now you see why I have also done that!




Barbara Lugar, Carol’s Ancestral Grandmother’s link to DAR

Revolutionary War Soldier

Barbara Lugar (1796-1862) was the daughter of my DAR Ancestor Adam Lugar.  This family research has been very easy for me because there is so much data already done on the life of Adam Lugar.  The story goes he deserted his Germany regiment and followed George Washington.  I love the story I read that he had so much land on Turkey Hill in Virginia that he traded his land for a fiddle.  I know a lot of us just love the stories. I just wonder where the fiddle ended up.

Barbara married William Hunter (my ancestral grandfather who moved from Giles County, Virginia to the county and state where I was born – Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia.




Mary Louise Abbott, Carol’s Great Great Grandmother

Mary Louise Abbott Hunter

Mary Louise Abbott (1840-1914) (Parents John Allen Abbott & Elizabeth Scott)

Mary Louise ‘Polly” Abbott married  Samuel Elijah Hunter May 3, 1855 and they had twelve children.  One of their sons founded the Hunter Cemetery in Charleston, West Virginia where there is an old and new part.  My paternal grandparents William & Barbara, Samuel & Mary, and James & Mary Jane are all buried in the old section.  My grandparents John Wesley and Honor are in the new section.  My great grandfather’s brother James Garfield Hunter is one of my favorite books about his life I have found.

As far as Mary Louise Abbott’s family genealogy research brings another famous person  to my lineage.  Sir Walter Scott is one of my favorite ancestral grandfather’s to write about.  In my library I have a favorite book written by a cousin, Rev. Daniel Scott who has proven our DNA to  this famous lineage.

Mary Louise Abbott’s family genealogy is a study of the Abbots of Virginia.

Mary Jane Meadows, Carol’s Great Grandmother

I never met my great grandmother Mary Jane ‘Janie” Meadows Hunter. I have so many questions I wish I knew for sure. Often it is very hard to find the facts, and in this particular family research I have seen her name as Mary Jane but on a document recently I see her name as Martha. Also, my grandfather James Hunter, her husband is seen as James Samuel or James P. I am hesitant to change these, but the documents are from very different sources and I feel they need more research for sure.

Janie and James had seven children following their marriage Christmas Eve 1885.
Charles, John Wesley (my grandfather), Bess, Mary Anice, Seabert, Wilmina and Thomas.

I have a cousin who had met my great grandmother, but I never knew her.

Another very interesting family genealogy because this bring in my Boone surname. Her father, Harvey Meadows married Sarah Boone (yes, the Daniel Boone lineage).

Honor Nettie Herndon, Carol’s Grandmother

Nira and Honor

Memories are so important to remember.  This is my aunt Nira Gertrude Hunter Vaughan and grandmother Honor Herndon Hunter.

I remember my aunt Nira and uncle Clyde taking me out on Sundays for brunch.  Every time she came she always had a present for me.  I wish I still had the pretty little muff and hat they gave me.  I felt like a princess.

My grandmother turns out to be after years and years of research to have a very interesting family genealogy.  I proved her relationship to a very famous cousin, Ellen ‘Nell’ Herndon, wife of President Chester Arthur.

I have learned and tell young people today that their family history is very important and please don’t wait because as you get older those precious stories are gone and your ancestor may also not be there to share their life experiences.