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Mary Jane Meadows, Carol’s Great Grandmother

I never met my great grandmother Mary Jane ‘Janie” Meadows Hunter. I have so many questions I wish I knew for sure. Often it is very hard to find the facts, and in this particular family research I have seen her name as Mary Jane but on a document recently I see her name as Martha. Also, my grandfather James Hunter, her husband is seen as James Samuel or James P. I am hesitant to change these, but the documents are from very different sources and I feel they need more research for sure.

Janie and James had seven children following their marriage Christmas Eve 1885.
Charles, John Wesley (my grandfather), Bess, Mary Anice, Seabert, Wilmina and Thomas.

I have a cousin who had met my great grandmother, but I never knew her.

Another very interesting family genealogy because this bring in my Boone surname. Her father, Harvey Meadows married Sarah Boone (yes, the Daniel Boone lineage).

Honor Nettie Herndon, Carol’s Grandmother

Nira and Honor

Memories are so important to remember.  This is my aunt Nira Gertrude Hunter Vaughan and grandmother Honor Herndon Hunter.

I remember my aunt Nira and uncle Clyde taking me out on Sundays for brunch.  Every time she came she always had a present for me.  I wish I still had the pretty little muff and hat they gave me.  I felt like a princess.

My grandmother turns out to be after years and years of research to have a very interesting family genealogy.  I proved her relationship to a very famous cousin, Ellen ‘Nell’ Herndon, wife of President Chester Arthur.

I have learned and tell young people today that their family history is very important and please don’t wait because as you get older those precious stories are gone and your ancestor may also not be there to share their life experiences.


William Hunter


William (1718-1783) Hunter, younger brother of John Hunter (1728-1793) was also a very famous Hunter.  He was a Scottish anatomist and physician.  He was a leading teacher of anatomy, and the outstanding obstetrician of his day.

Born: May 23, 1718, Calderwood, East Kilbride, Scotland

Died:  March 30, 1783, London, England

William Hunter bequeathed his collections to the University of Glasgow.  The museum became the foundation for The Hunterian.  His books, manuscripts and papers are held in the Hunterian Library.

Birth in 1718

William Hunter was baptised on 1 June 1718, the son of John Hunter in Kirktoun.  The entry in the Old Parish Register (OPR) for East Kilbride doesn’t record the name of his mother [Agnes Paul] or his date of birth. (Source:  National Records of Scotland OPR 643/1)



Traditional Scottish naming patterns

In our study we have William, John, Samuel, Hugh, and so many of the same over and over again and maybe this will put a light on why.

Traditional Scottish naming patterns are as follows:

1st son named after father’s father

2nd son named after mother’s father

3rd son named after father

1st daughter named after mother’s mother

2nd daughter named after father’s mother

3rd daughter named after mother

Scope of the study


Our study which is as big as it is we try the basic study attempts to:

1. Collect as much data as possible on people with the surnames

2. From the individuals into family groups of families linked by birth and

3. Where relevant, provide documentary backup for DNA analysis

4. Provide other benefits, like helping people break through “brick walls” in
their research

5. Research the origins of the surnames

6. Become the global research resouce for anyone researching any of the surnames


Our study to do is collect information on Hunter/Huntar/Huntor/Huntur/Hunter Blair and Hunter-Weston and to be the resource for all people researching the Hunter names.


The aim of this study is to collect every known fact about every person, at least starting with census records!


Actual census date has been used for UK censuses in 1841/51 with only the years used for other years.
FreeBMD is used as a proxy source for looking up in national BMD register indexes, whether the actual source is FreeBMD, Ancestry or some other online site.

If you would like to help in this study, we are always seeking help. This is a big project but well worth the study. Cursum Perficio (We will complete the course)

The Medical Directory for Scotland

In our Hunter One-Name Study while researching for my own ancestral doctor Hugh Hunter, M.D. from Ayrshire, Scotland I found in the UK & Ireland, Medical Directories, 1845-1942 several Hunters but not Hugh.

Those found were:

Adam Hunter, M.D., Edinburgh

James Adam Hunter, Forfar, Forfarshire

John Hunter, Argyllshire

Simon Hunter, Berwickshire

William Hunter, Ayrshire

Nursing Registers ~ Hunters

We have many Hunters in our One-Name Study who were in the medical field. This post will be remembering those from Ayrshire in the UK & Ireland, Nursing Registers, 1898-1968 which I found researching All Schools, Directories & Church Histories (accessed 4/20/2010).

Jane Kennedy Hunter, Maybole, Ayrshire

Christina Jane Hunter, Troon, Ayrshire

Susan Fleming Hunter, Dundonald, Ayrshire

Catherine Hunter, New Cumnock, Ayrshire

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