Capt. David Hunter

b. York, Pennsylvania, USA

d. 1776

David Hunter, lived in York county, Pennsylvania. He married Martha McLlhenny in 1745. He was a captain of a York county Company in the French and Indian War, and a member of the expedition against Fort Duquesne. Capt. Hunter mysteriously disappeared in the summer of 1776, and his family never saw or heard from him again. His fate was not known until nearly a century afterward, when, on the destruction of an old house in the Valley of Virginia by Union soldiers, a paper was discovered concerning him.

It was given to his great-grandson, Captain David Hunter Strother, and was found to be a writ of habeas corpus, issued in the Name of King George III Rex, by Authority of the Governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore, directing the sheriff of Berkely County, Virginia (ie. Berkeley County, West Virginia] to bring the body of David Hunter to the capitol at Williamsburg, Virginia. Captain Hunter was a patriot, and Lord Dunmore, last of the English Governors of Virginia, was notorious for his cruelties and injustice to the colonists.


  1. The descendants of this line of the family are distinguished in the annals of Virginia, and allied with the Washington, Dandridge, Spottswood, and many other historic families.

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