Hunter Stories

John Henry Hunter was born c.1715 in Ayrshire, Scotland and died 9 May 1774 in Augusta, Virginia, United States. His death record is second down.

John Hunter that died in 1756, crushed by the wheel of a mill at Bush River Furnace, Baltimore, MD. Another John Hunter was killed in ‘Shay’s Rebellion’ in the attack on the public buildings at Springfield in 1787. There was a Samuel Hunter killed by Indians on 25 May 1758. It also includes postmaster William Hunter’s death in Williamsburg, VA on 12 Aug 1761.

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  1. “John Hunter, a resident of East Deer township, was killed yesterday on the West Penn Railroad, at Dyke’s Station, near Tarentum. He was walking on the track, stepped off to a siding to avoid a freight train which was approaching and unfortunately a coal train was barking down this siding at the same time and one of the cars struck him knocking him down on the track, when two cars passed over him. Alderman Dist— held an inquest, and the jury rendered a verdict of accidental death.
    Deceased was seventy-nine years of age and was both short-sighted and partially deaf, to which causes the accident may be attributed.”
    Died 8 Nov 1869 in Tarentum, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States

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