Hunter Surname

From Where Does The Surname Originate? meaning and history

This surname is derived from an occupation. or offic. ‘the hunter.’ The earlier form is hunte; v. Hunt. While Hunt is very common I can only find one Hunter in the Hundred Rolls (1273). It became popular soon after, however, as our directories clearly prove.

Adam le Huntere, Close Roll, 52 Henry III.

Nicholas Hunter, Yorkshire, 1273. Hundred Rolls.

Thomas le Hunter, c. 1300. Writs of Parliament.— A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames (1896) by Charles Wareing Endell Bardsley

Scottish County Names

Tips to Understanding different counties:

Midlothian (formerly Edinburghshire)

Moray (formerly Elginshire)

Angus (formerly Forfarshire)

East Lothian (formerly Haddingtonshire)

West Lothian (formerly Linlithgowshire)

If you have some confusion as to why some counties contain a hyphen before the -shire suffix, it is to avoid the triple s that would otherwise result. Counties ending in a single s do not contain a hyphen.





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