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The study routinely collects the surname spellings: Huntar, Huinter, Hunnter, Huntere, Hunterr

These indexes began, with permission, from the official Registrar’s indexes for England and Scotland but additional information and corrections have been added as research continues.

Indexes in the Guild DataStore

Index to England & Wales Births 1837 – 1930 with all mother’s maiden name added.

Index to England & Wales Marriages 1837 – 1930 with over 80% spouses added.

Index to England & Wales Deaths 1837 – 1930

Index to England and Wales Probate 1858 – 1930 with full details from the index and includes

administrations and many Scotland confirmations.

Index to Scotland Births 1855 – 1920

Index to Scotland Marriages 1855 – 1920

Index to Scotland Deaths 1855 – 1920


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