Hunter One-Name Study newsletter ~ vol. 1 no.1, dec 2020

Family Members Buried in the Hunter Cemetery, Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia, United States of America

The Hunter Cemetery was founded by James Garfield Hunter, son of Samuel Elijah Hunter and Mary Louise Abbott.

There is an old section where the graves are unmarked but we know they are:

William Hunter (1793-1862)

Barbara Lugar Hunter (1796-1870)

Samuel Elijah Hunter (1829-1894)

Mary Louise Abbott Hunter (1838-1919)

James Hunter (1859-1935)

Mary Jane Meadows Hunter (1866-1944)

The new section Hunters are as follows:

Alfred E. Hunter (1909-1984)

Arthur Leonard Hunter (1925-2013)

Bessie Anna Monday Hunter (1896-1974)

Charles Hunter (1886-1974)

Commodore Freeland Hunter (1856-1937)

Cora Slack Hunter (1881-1964)

Cordelia Day Litton Hunter (1886-1959)

Dallas Hunter (1933-2000)

Eliza Ellen Harless Hunter (1883-1958)

Enoch Alfred Hunter (1833-1923)

Enoch Nicholas Hunter (1885-1918)

Frederick Hunter (1879-1956)

Georgia Nell Shamblin Hunter (1913-1998)

Harriett Ellen Brockell Hunter (1888-1969)

Honor Nettie Herndon Hunter (1896-1980)

Infant Hunter (1945-1945)

James Garfield Hunter (1882-1966)

James Hunter (1859-1935)

John Wesley Hunter (1889-1971)

Lillian Elizabeth Hunter (1908-1951)

Margaret Hunter (1921-1924)

Mark Arthur Hunter (1965-1965)

Mary Jane Meadows Hunter (1866-1944)

Orville Luther Hunter (1877-1943)

Perry Hunter, Jr. (1908-1952)

Peter Leslie Hunter (1922-1931)

Phyllis Hunter (1936-1937)

Ralph “Buster” Hunter (1912-1914)

Seabert Hunter (1898-1917)

Stuart S Hunter (1908-1966)

Sydney Luther Hunter (1876-1943)

Thomas Hunter (1907-1961)

William Silas Hunter (1872-1946)

Wilma Joyce “Joy” Smith Hunter (1937-2012)

Woodrow Hunter (1923-1984)

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