edward hunter

Edward Hunter was born June 22, 1793 in Newtown Square, Delaware, Pennsylvania.

He was the son of Edward Hunter and Hannah Maris.

Edward married four times. He married Ann Standley, Laura Lovina Shimer Kaufman, Susannah Wann, and Henrietta Spencer.

Edward has so many stories written about his life: A Narrow Escape, A Generous Businessman in Nauvoo; The Gospel Call; Edward Learns to Trust in God; Forced from Nauvoo; The Perpetual Emigration Fund; Crossing the Plains to Zion; The Trial of Joseph Smith; The Call to Zion and many, many more.

He was a generous Pioneer and Presiding Bishop (http://www.lds.org/ensign/2004/07/edward-hunter-generous-ioneer-presiding-bishop)

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