Every Tuesday I will post a new cemetery for our Hunter burials.

Today my first cemetery is:

Camden General Cemetery Camden, Camden Council, New South Wales, Australia.

Hunters buried:

Gordon Alfred Hunter (1912-1985)

Marjorie Sarah Glanville Hunter (1912-1992)

Elsie Helen Hunter (-1988)

Carol Yvonne Hunter-Hallinan (1937-2007)

Mona Hunter (d. 3 Apr 2016)

Matthew Charles Hunter (d. 24 May 2009)

Lorna Starr Hunter (1920-2007)

Roderick Leon Hunter (1929-2006)

Henry Charles Harry Hunter (d. 6 Nov 2009)

Joan Rose Hunter (1930-2011)

Lyndon Hunter (2008-2008)

Freda Maude Hunter (1914-2010)

John Dennis Hunter (1927-2015)

Paulette Hunter (1920-2008)

Dora Mary Hunter (1925-2010)

Rev Hubert W Hunter (1925-2010)

Lesley Jean Hunter (1939-2017)

Cyril James Hunter (d. 9 Apr 2003)

Lynus Hunter (d. 12 May 1999)

Dorreen May Hunter (1933-2004)

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