Lairds of Hunterston

1st Laird: William Venator (William The Hunter)

2nd Laird: Norman Venator (Hunter the Norman)

3rd Laird: Venator (The Hunter)

4th Laird: John Huntar

5th Laird: Ardneil (Arnele) Huntar

6th Laird: Norman Huntar

7th Laird: The Huntar

8th Laird: Aylmere Le Huntar

9th Laird: Huntar, Son of Aylmere.

10th Laird: William Huntar

11th Laird: Huntar

12th Laird: William Huntar

13th Laird: Archibald Huntar

14th Laird: John Huntar of Ardneil and Hunterstoune.

15th Laird: Robert Huntar of Huntarstoune.

16th Laird: Kentigern (Mungo) Huntar

17th Laird: Robert Huntar

18th Laird: Robert Huntar

19th Laird: Patrick Huntar

20th Laird: Robert Hunter (the spelling of the surname Huntar became Hunter)

21st Laird: Patrick Hunter

22nd Laird: Patrick Hunter

23rd Laird: Robert Hunter

24th Laird: Eleonora Hunter

25th Laird: Robert Caldwell Hunter

26th Laird: Jane Hunter

27th Laird: Aylmer Gould Hunter-Weston

The hereditary title passed back to the family of Eleonora Hunter, the sister of Jane. Eleanora had married a Robert William Cochran-Patrick in 1866. He was an M.P. for Bute and North Ayrshire ( 1880-1885 ) and the Under Secretary of State for Scotland ( 1897-1892 ). They had two children: William, who died while a student at Cambridge University in 1891 and Eleonora who married Neil Kennedy of Underwood in 1895 later to become Sir Neil James Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick K.B.E. Eleanora and Sir Neil had four children: William John Charles (d.1933), Eleonora (28th Laird), and twins Margaret Hamilton (d.1982) and Kathleen Agnes (d.1985).

28th Laird: Eleonora Hunter (born Eleanora Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick) She changed her name to Hunter and was granted the arms of Hunter of Hunterston in 1954.

29th Laird: Neil Aylmer Hunter a/k/a Neil Aylmer Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick. He was the father of our present Clan Hunter Chief.

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