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I have been a contributor to Find A Grave for 8 years – 5 months – 28 days, Find a Grave ID #47833985, and continually add Hunters especially in cemeteries when we travel. Find A Grave just tells me on my app where, and how many Hunters are buried in that particular cemetery.

I also have a few friends from FAG who are located in Scotland and England who are nice enough to share their photographs of the Hunter headstones they have taken.

a poem by elizabeth morse

                          My life cycles ever around
                                 My Memories grow
                             Entwining the memories 
                                  of generations                                               
                     My mind holds the memories of my past,
                          The visions of my childhood,      
                  The dreams of my parents and grandparents,
           The tears of my frustrations and the glow of my joys.
                          My life ticks out my destiny
       Vitalizing the lives of my children and my children's children,
                        Enriching the streams of my life.
                All the genes and tracings of my ancestors echo 
         And imprint a mold for the living cycle of my life and theirs
                       As it makes its way toward the sea.

                         The rivers of the generations fuse
           The contributions of all my ancestral voices in my memory, 
                           My loves, my faith, my causes.
                 In the cocoon of my heart, I do not stand alone.
                 Watching the circling of the wheels of my life,
                For the generations of my ancestors support me.

King Lulach of scots

Mail Brigti, Mormaer of Moray. He died 990

Gillacomean Mac Brigti, married Gruoch. He was burned to death in a barn with 50 folowers (1032) and afterwards Gruoch married Macbeth and was known as Lady Macbeth.

Lulach Mac Gille (son of Gillacomean & Gruoch), King of Scts (1057-58). He married Finnguala (daughter of Sinill, Mormaer of Angus). He died 1058.

Tull of Moray (daughter of King Lulach) married Aethelred, 1st Earl of Fife.

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