Lairds of Hunterston

1st William Venator
2nd Norman Venator
3rd Venator
4th Jon Deo Venator
5th Ardneil Huntar
6th Norman Huntar
7th The Huntar
8th Aylmere le Huntar
9th Huntar, Son of Aylmere
10th William Huntar
11th Huntar
12th William Huntar
13th Archibald Huntar
14th John Huntar
15th Robert Huntar
16th Kentigern Mungo Huntar
17th Robert Huntar
18th Robert Huntar
19th Patrick Huntar
20th Robert Hunter
21st Patrick Hunter
22nd Patrick Hunter
23rd Robert Hunter
24th Eleonora Hunter
25th Robert Hunter
26th Jane Hunter
27th Aylmer Gould Hunter-Weston
28th Eleonora Hunter
29th Neil Aylmer Hunter
30th Pauline Hunter of Hunterston

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