Evidence Analysis for a DNA Research Project

The Hunter DNA Project Study I am conducting will be of seven Hunter males who have agreed to participate in this study and if you are willing to do so, please contact me. I will need your kit number, family tree, and whether you have the testing results of either Y-DNA37, Y-DNA67 or Y-DNA111, and where you had your test done.

I myself have my DNA results on FamilyTreeDNA and have over 300 different cousins I can compare, but as we all know the male Y-DNA is what I will need for this project.

I am just beginning in this study and would love help if any of you would care to assist me. I have registered a new project but it is only a surname study, but you can add your kit to that project so we can work together in proving our common ancestor. (familytreedna.com)

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6 thoughts on “Evidence Analysis for a DNA Research Project

  1. Carol, did I give you my brothers kit #?? Can’t remember! Also , are you working with Bill Hunter on the Y Hunter project ? Tammy

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    • Also, I wanted to say I did join the Hunter DNA Project, but the person who was running it back then didn’t really appreciate my joining. I was female! lol
      Needless to say, I quit!
      But, now that Bill is running it I don’t need to join now that I have my own. Bill has done a wonderful job and I do use his charts, of course.

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