Mildred Lewis, Carol’s Ancestral Grandmother’s link to Meriwether Lewis


Being a travel agent since 1991 I plan a lot of our travels around our family history.  Ralph & I enjoy visiting museums, national parks, cemeteries and such, but especially when our ancestors are a big part of that history.  My lineage through my ancestral grandparents from Augusta and Giles counties in Virginia are a fine example.  Mildred Lewis married Robert Hunter and they had nine children.

This particular 5xggm leads my study to the surname LEWIS, WARNER, WASHINGTON and I feel this is why my DNA is 93% English roots more so than Scotland.

Following in the footsteps of one of my favorite grandmother studied is Mildred Lewis Hunter.  In 2012 Ralph & I started an adventure to see my brother and sister-in-law in Delaware and decided to stop by Warner Hall.  Augustine Warner (my ancestral grandfather built the plantation and nowadays instead of Warner Hall Plantation it is now called Warner Hall Inn).  I had permission granted to visit the historical graveyard of Warner Hall and treasure my photos to this day.

A story I love of my cousin, President George Washington, waltzing at Warner Hall.

When you start your genealogy path and become addicted, now you see why I have also done that!




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