Mary Jane Meadows, Carol’s Great Grandmother

I never met my great grandmother Mary Jane ‘Janie” Meadows Hunter. I have so many questions I wish I knew for sure. Often it is very hard to find the facts, and in this particular family research I have seen her name as Mary Jane but on a document recently I see her name as Martha. Also, my grandfather James Hunter, her husband is seen as James Samuel or James P. I am hesitant to change these, but the documents are from very different sources and I feel they need more research for sure.

Janie and James had seven children following their marriage Christmas Eve 1885.
Charles, John Wesley (my grandfather), Bess, Mary Anice, Seabert, Wilmina and Thomas.

I have a cousin who had met my great grandmother, but I never knew her.

Another very interesting family genealogy because this bring in my Boone surname. Her father, Harvey Meadows married Sarah Boone (yes, the Daniel Boone lineage).

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