Honor Nettie Herndon, Carol’s Grandmother

Nira and Honor

Memories are so important to remember.  This is my aunt Nira Gertrude Hunter Vaughan and grandmother Honor Herndon Hunter.

I remember my aunt Nira and uncle Clyde taking me out on Sundays for brunch.  Every time she came she always had a present for me.  I wish I still had the pretty little muff and hat they gave me.  I felt like a princess.

My grandmother turns out to be after years and years of research to have a very interesting family genealogy.  I proved her relationship to a very famous cousin, Ellen ‘Nell’ Herndon, wife of President Chester Arthur.

I have learned and tell young people today that their family history is very important and please don’t wait because as you get older those precious stories are gone and your ancestor may also not be there to share their life experiences.


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