General Robert Hunter

 General Robert Hunter Notable Hunters

General Robert Hunter, Governor of New York and New Jersey, Governor of Jamaica, born in Edinburgh, October 1666.

He was a poet, playwright and amateur scientist.

In 1707 he married Elizabeth Orby (descendant of Edward III), and was a wealthy heiress. Through her he inherited estates at Croyland Abbey, Lincolnshire, and at Chertsey, Surrey. His family took the name “Orby Hunter”.

Their daughter Catherine Orby Hunter “Kitty” is one of my favorite Aunts to research.

Kitty Hunter 001

In another blog I will write more about Kitty and her affair with the 10th Earl of Pembroke and their son, Augustus Reebkomp. Henry Herbert, 10th Earl of Pembroke was also a descendant of Edward III.

Edward III (died 1377). The most recent English monarch that I descend from.

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