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What does it mean to be Scottish? Most of us know little about our ancestors and the way they lived. And, know little about the life of a person belonging to a Scottish Clan. Being a member of Clan Hunter means strong ties to family, allegiance, being known by our deeds, and for Hunters, cursum perficio, staying the course.

In 2014 I joined Clan Hunter USA and my knowledge started at that time learning about my ancestors. In my research I found that my ancestral grandfathers were the Lairds of Hunterston Castle. My paternal line of the Hunter Lairds starts with the 1st Laird up to the 20th when the Hunters left Scotland and their roots and emigrated to Northern Ireland. My immigrant grandfather, William Hunter, left Ireland and lived and died in Augusta County, Virginia, United States.

In 2014 not only did I learn about history of my own heritage, but also that of Scotland. As a Clan Hunter member we attended the Event of Bannock Burn Live.
Our Royal Descents include Robert ‘the Bruce’ I, King of Scotland.

In 2017 I being a travel agent had two group tours to Scotland and there were Hunters in my group who were mainly from the USA. Some of them this was their first trip to a Clan Hunter Gathering and I feel they will remember that trip for years to come.

All roads lead to family…..



Clan Hunter International Gathering 2017
Clan Hunter


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