The National Archives

John Hunter (1728-1793) Anatomist and Surgeon

In The National Archives are found collections on:

1. Correspondence and papers (Royal College of Surgeons of England)
2. Papers (Royal Society)
3. Correspondence and papers Natural History Museum Library and Archives
4. Anatomical notes (British Library, Manuscript Collections)
5. 1750-89: papers (St George’s University of London
6. c1765-1787: lecture notes (Wellcome Library)
7. 1813: lecture notes (copies)
8. Notes on the principles of surgery and venereal diseases)
9. Lecture notes (United States National Library of Medicine)
10. c1770: lecture notes (Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh)
11. 1777: lecture notes (King’s College London: College Archives)
12. 1773-93: letters (32) to Edward Jenner (Royal College of Surgeons of

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