My own Paternal Family Study

In The 1980s I first became interested in my father’s ancestors and started my research at the LDS library in Mesa, Arizona. Ever since then I have been collecting family history records for Hunters for the past forty+ years, and have numerous notebooks of Births, Marriages, Deaths, and now Obituaries, Wills, Heraldry and family trees.

My own paternal lineage goes back many generations because of three important reasons. First I had my grandparents all the way to a patriot of the Revolutionary War and proven documents to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), then after joining Clan Hunter and corresponding with Ron Bogart Clan Hunter Genealogist I was proven to be a granddaughter of the ancient Lairds of Hunterston. The third factor is thanks to the registering of my Hunter surname with the Guild of One-Name Studies in the United Kingdom.

This blog is about that study and I am writing a book about my Hunters I have collected for this project.

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