Samuel Hunter, Editor

Samuel Hunter, editor of the Glasgow Herald from 1803 to 1836, was a surgeon with military experience

The politics of the paper moved back and forth. Under Hunter, the Herald was staunchly Tory, for instance opposing the demand for the First Reform Act. Thereafter, the paper drifted to a mildly Whiggish stance, and also supported the first Scottish nationalist movement in the early and mid-1850s. It continued to be moderately Liberal until Gladstone’s Irish Home Bill of 1886, which it strenuously opposed, henceforth becoming an eloquent advocate of Liberal Unionism.

Hunter established the Herald as the leading Glasgow paper in an intensely competitive marketplace in the early part of the century, and by the 1850s all its older rivals had folded. Circulation rose from about 1,600 in 1832 to 3,400 in 1843 and 4,500 in 1855. In 1859, it shifted to daily publication, and within a decade was selling 25,000 copies.

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