Month: May 2019

Ireland: An Hibernian Atlas, 1798

Hugh Hunter, M.D. was born in Hunterston Castle. His father, Robert Hunter, 20th Laird of Hunterston Castle and his wife, Elizabeth Craufurd. He married Isabella Elizabeth Semple. Their son, William and his wife, Elizabeth Cunningham are my immigrant grandparents.

They emigrated from Scotland to Londonderry, Ireland. Hugh and Isabella Elizabeth died in Ireland, but their children came to America.

Hunterston House

I attended my very first Clan Hunter International Gathering in Ayrshire, Scotland in June 2014.

When I first saw Hunterston House I was so impressed with the beauty and size. It was first started in 1799, but took seven years to complete.

I have never seen inside, but many of my Hunters have and I hope someday I will be so blessed. I have seen many photos and have my own photos of the house (outside), the grounds, and of course, the main Hunterston Castle.

The Hunterston House website is a favorite website of mine because it shows the filming that has taken place there over the years and especially the filming of the first season of “Outlander”.

Photo of Hunterston House taken by Phil Eken, 2017.

Remembering our Ancestors

Hunters in the Civil War:

Union (2,726)

Confederacy (1,746)


Pennsylvania (432)

United States Colored Troops (354)

Ohio (327)

New York (247)

Virginia (247)

Georgia (216)

Tennessee (215)

North Carolina (199)

Indiana (195)

Illinois (176)

Missouri (163)

Kentucky (139)

Mississippi (139)

South Carolina (125)

Alabama (111)

Arkansas (102)

Confederate States (100)

Texas (99)

Union Regular Army (95)

Iowa (79)

Veteran Reserve (67)

Florida (66)

Massachusetts (57)

Michigan (56)

Louisiana (55)

Wisconsin (55)

Maine (54)

Maryland (46)

Kansas (39)

West Virginia (36)

Connecticut (33)

Other Volunteers (26)

Vermont (24)

New Jersey (21)

Minnesota (19)

California (17)

New Hampshire (15)

Colorado Territory (13)

Delaware (11)

Rhode Island (10)

District Of Columbia (5)

Nebraska Territory (5)

Oregon (3)

Arizona Territory (1)

Washington Territory (1)

Battle Unit Function

Infantry (2,899)

Cavalry (884)

Artillery (315)

Engineers (26)

Sharpshooters (9)

Musician (Bands) (1)

Hunter, Albert

Hunter, Taliaferro

When Surnames are Combined

Often I come across this in my study where the male Hunter takes his wife’s name or combine the two.

David Hunter was born 3rd October 1778 to James Hunter and his wife Jean Blair of Dunskey in 1770 – their surnames were combined in 1777 when she inherited her father’s estate.

James became Sir James Hunter-Blair, 1st Baronet in 1786, the Territorial Designation being “of Dunskey”.