One Name Many Variants

In genealogy we all know we should sit down with pencil and paper and list what we know about our family history which I did many years ago, but my research today is about that particular surname.

The Hunter surname for me started in Charleston, West Virginia and during my timeline I have moved from West Virginia to Virginia (where my ancestral immigrants were from)and now Arizona.

After many years of learning about my family surname and finding birth, marriages, census records and deaths have proven my ancestral roots are to the Lairds of Hunterston Castle in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Scotland is my main area to research for this study, but having my DNA done I found that I am 93% UK so now England, and Northern Ireland are searched further.

Most of all who have registered our surname have started with ourselves and now are researching worldwide. I am asked often does your study cover….Hunters from…and my respond is definitely. Q: Are the Hunters of Leochel-Cushnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland related to your Hunter branch? A: I am not sure if they trace back to the Hunters of Hunterston, but I will definitely see if we can connect them.

Not only do we reconstruct families with the surname Hunter, but also variants.

Hunter One-Name Study Book

I have been very busy writing a book about our Hunter One-Name Study and haven’t written any blog posts for quite a few months so today decided to start posting daily.

The book is coming along fine, but I have found the Hunter surname is everywhere. The chapters in my book keep going on and on and I have decided to say enough is enough for this first book. We can add chapters in the next book.