History of the Hunter of Hunterston Clan Tartan

The Hunter of Hunterston tartan, commissioned by the 29th Laird, Neal Hunter, in 1971 is used exclusively by the Hunter Clan.

Ancient Hunter and Modern Hunter tartans are shared by several other clans. Traditionally there were three different tartans which could all be called Hunter tartan. It depended where you lived and who you were descended from. In 1981 the Clan Chief decided enough was enough and set to designing a new Hunter tartan that was both modern and would represent the whole Clan.

In 1983 we first saw the appearance of the “Hunter of Hunterston sett”. The official tartan for the Hunter clan.

The red and green are the hunting colours, the blue represents the sea and the gold (yellow) the Royal connection.

For additional information and ordering, contact the Clan Hunter mail order service at clanhunter.org.uk.

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