Pronunciation (HUN-ter)

Word/Name England

Meaning Hunter

Other names
Variant(s) Hunt

Hunter is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Adam Hunter (disambiguaion), multiple people

Adriana Hunter, British translator

Aislinn Hunter, Canadian writer and poet

Al Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Albert Hunter (1900-1969), British politician

Alberta Hunter (1895-1984), American singer

Alexander Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Alexis Hunter (born 1948), New Zealand painter and photographer

Alan Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Ally Hunter (born 1949), Scottish footballer

Alyson Hunter (born 1948), New Zealand photographer

Amy Hunter (born 1966), American actress and model

Andrew Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people named Andrew or Any

Andria Hunter (born 1967), Canadian women’s ice hockey player

Anji Hunter (born 1955), British political consultant

Anne Hunter (1742-1821), poet and socialite

Anthony R. Hunter (born 1943), British-American biologist

April Hunter (born 1974), American professional wrestler

Art Hunter (born 1933), American football player

Barry Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Bertrum Hunter (1906-1948), American baseball player

Bill Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Billy Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Brian Hunter (outfielder) (born 1971), American baseball player

Bruce Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Buddy Hunter (born 1947), American baseball player

Catfish Hunter (1946-1999), American baseball player

Chris Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Danielle Hunter, Americn football player

David Hunter (1803-1888), American general

Duncan Hunter (born 1948), American politician

Eddie Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Evan Hunter (born 1926), American author and screenwriter

Francis Hunter (1894-1981), American tennis player

Frank Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Geoff Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Gordon Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Hal Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Heather Hunter (born 1969), American hip hop artist

Herb Hunter (1895-1970), American baseball player

Holly Hunter (born 1958), American actress

Howard W. Hunter (1907-1995), American church leader

Ian Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

J. A. Hunter (1887-1963), British hunter and writer

James Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Jeffrey Hunter (1926-1969), American actor

J. Marvin Hunter (880-957), American publisher and writer

John Hunter (Royal Navy officer) (1737-1821)British admiral and colonial governor

John Hunter (surgeon)(1728-1793), Scottish surgeon

Johnny Hunter, Australian rugby league footballer

Kelly Hunter (born 1963), British actress

Kenneth Hunter (1939-2013), Scottish physician

Kim Hunter (1922-2002) American actress

Louis C. Hunter (1898-1984), American economic historian

Marc Hunter (1953-1998), New Zealand singer

Mark Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Matt Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Matthew A. Hunter (1878-1961), metallurgist

Michael Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Norman Hunter (footballer) (born 1943), English football player

Paul Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

R. J. Hunter (born 1993), American basketball player

Rachel Hunter (born 1969), New Zealand model

Reginald D. Hunter (born 1969), American comedian

Rielle Hunter (born 1964), American film producer

Robert Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Robin Hunter (1929-2004), British actor

Ron Hunter (born 1964), American basketball coach (father of R.J.)

Ronald Hunter (c. 1943-2013), American actor

Stephen Hunter (born 1946), American author

Steve Hunter (born 1948), American guitarist

Tab Hunter (born 1931), American actor

Thomas Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Tim Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Todd Ames Hunter (born 1953), American politician

Torii Hunter (born 1975), American baseball player

William Hunter (disambiguation), multiple people

Zach Hunter (born 1991), American activist

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